About Us


A growing young Bermudian company, QRS roll off division was founded in 2007. Through Quality, Reliable Service the company has grown and continues to expand its service offerings island wide.

In 2015 our little family of trucks has grown with QRS roll off and Trash-It-Now merging under QRS. We’re excited to share that the Meyer Group has invested into the little business with us, and also sits on our board of directors and advisers. With over 135 years of experience servicing Bermuda, they too know a thing or two about getting the job done.

We’ve also expanded our offerings of cost saving products and services. In particular, adding to to our standard 10 yard red bins, we can now also offer 12, 18, and monster 30 yard units as well – the largest in the industry. Talk about knocking out a big job fast…and cutting down the cost at the same time! To service all of this, we’ve added a third, even larger UD3300 truck to the fleet to service the heavier loads and bigger bins. But at the same time, we’re also increasing our inventory (and therefore availability) of our primary, get the job done red bins, inexpensive and the perfect size for so many jobs in Bermuda.

While not always easy to grow in times like these, one of the great things about Bermuda, is that if you give good service, and work hard, people hear about it, and they tell their friends about it. You simply can’t buy advertising as good as that, no matter who you are. We have to thank you for that, more than anyone.